Alphabet Tutor
About App

"Alphabet Tutor" app will help one to learn, write & practice alphabets of English, Russian, French, German & Arabic languages.

This app is primarily for kids but can also be used by adults as well to learn, write & practice the alphabet of language chosen.

Support for 5 languages
( English, Russian, French, German & Arabic)
Kids can choose the color of the pencil, by tapping on the pencil icon.
Check the accuracy level of a particular alphabet traced, by tapping the Test option.
Easily navigate to the corresponding next or previous alphabet being currently displayed on the screen.
Relevant audio will be played based on the corresponding accuracy of the alphabet traced by tapping the "Test" option.
Choice of Upper or Lower case of alphabets is present.
How to Use
  • Children need to trace the alphabet (the path of moving butterfly) & check their accuracy by tapping the "Test" option.
  • A butterfly moving on the alphabet that is displayed on the screen will help kids to trace the path of the alphabet that needed to be painted.
  • Once a particular alphabet is traced by the kid, "Test" option has to be tapped to review the accuracy level.